Afri Welding & Tools is an accredited Abicor Binzel agent and can supply you with  Industrial Welding Torches that  incorporate the high quality and technology needed for trouble-free performance whatever the welding job. Our robust high-quality Mig/Mag torch range includes air cooled torches from 150 to 500 A and water cooled torches from 240 to 650 A for optimum torch cooling and high endurance. We do repairs in our workshop and supply parts like:

  • triggers (Control switches)
  • contact tips
  • power cables
  • gas nozzles
  • electrode conduits and liners
  • gas hoses
  • water coolers and coolants
  • wire feeders

We also supply and repair

  • Tig torches (air- and water cooled),
  • Plasma cutting and plasma welding torches
  • Robot Welding Torches and
  • Robot Periphery like ATS-Rotors, Robot Mounts,Torch Cleaning Stations
  • Wire Cutting Devices
  • Anti Spatter Injectors and Applicators

Afri Welding & Tools can also supply you with the following Welding Torch Accessories

  • Tungsten Electrodes
  • Welding cable connectors
  • Electrode holders
  • Gouging Torches
  • Gouging electrodes
  • Coolant Recirculators and Coolant (BTC-50)


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